Unschooling (2014-) is a personal long-term project documenting the alternative education method I experienced while growing up. Unschooling embraces the individual’s initiative in their education and advocates learner-chosen activities. In comparison with the fixated structures of traditional education, unschoolers believe the more personal the learning process is, the more meaningful, coherent and useful it is to the child. Growing up unschooled with 4 younger siblings allowed me to pursue my passion for photography since age 13, documenting our daily life, and the unschoolers community in both France and Israel.

With the professional guidance of SOFIA (Society of Females in Art) Mentorship Program, I aim to expand and deepen my exploration through documenting yearly gatherings of families happening all over the world. With this project, I hope to contribute to the discussion about the power of art as a catalyst for positive change. Through engagement in active observation on the unschooling community, I choose to focus on what one would like to see in the world, rather than what needs to change. Through my personal perspective, I seek to support this ongoing revolution and to give outsiders a glimpse into the uninhibited and exciting world of unschooling.