DUO (2019) 15’

In the prestigious and historic setting of the Palais Royal in Paris, Israeli choreographer Emanuel Gat questions the form of duet through contemporary dance and dialogue. This unique choreographic composition brings together two dancers with painted bodies in a virtuoso face-to-face experience. More than ever in this dual relationship, importance is given to movement, dialogue and the context in which it emerges.

Julia Gat // Director
Emanuel Gat // Concept
Les Films Jack Fébus // Production
Geneviève Osborne // Key Cast
Thomas Alfred Bradley // Key Cast

SARA (2019) 2:45’

GATGAT PRESENTS - A film directed by Julia Gat and written by Sara Gat.
Featuring Sara Gat, Dorothée Cocordano des Primeurs Lou Païsan, Sanoé Verley, Jannek Zenmeister and Ringo.
Edited by Julia Gat with the help of Bas de Haas and Richard van 't Hof.